Kudos for the generosity...

...and thanks for the memories.

The Friendship Express has had a great run since its first convention in March 2015. Originally planned to be a one-off party for fans of MLP all over, we grew to realise that even though it took up a ton of our free time and burned a hole in our pockets, we still wanted to bring fans together.

In 2016, we achieved something that we spent years cracking our heads on - we gave back to the community through charity. We would like to express our sincerest thanks for everyone who came forward and donated. We raised over RM2,000 for charity this year and we have you to thank for making it possible.

It's been a beautiful journey and it's far from over. While we put down the torch that is The Friendship Express, the journey will continue with Project SEAPonyCon in Bangkok next year. If you missed us at TFE this year, don't give up. We'll still see each other again.

As for everyone who came together to make TFE 2016 a success as well as those who went out of their way to make TFE 2015 a rocking party, stay awesome. We owe a lot to people like you for your selfless contributions to the event.

And to everyone who believed in us. Thank you for giving us your trust and support. We hope we have been able to live up to deliver a convention that will become memories that truly last forever in your hearts.

Till next time,

Charlie, St. Pinkie, Chirpy-Chi, Taki, Angel, Tasha, Kat, Chiwa, Scorpido, Joe & Jon

The Friendship Express team